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New variant of Poker - similar to 3 Card Poker played in casinos - but with the added excitement of playing against other players! Join the fun and play 3 Card Poker League!

• Easy to play - all players are dealt 3 cards. You can keep betting or decide to fold - Player with the highest rank of cards wins the pot!

• As you win and level up, you'll unlock higher tables and join the high rollers

• Free to Play - Download now and get 50,000 chips FREE and additional rewards when you play regularly!

• 4 Hourly bonus - Log in every 4 hours to collect your bonus chips

The chips in the game and in-game virtual items have no real cash value. If your chips get consumed fully, you can buy more or come back the next day to play again.

This game is for entertainment purposes only and is intended for use by those 21 or older. The game does not involve real gambling.



A standard deck of 52 cards is used to play a 3 Card Poker game (Joker is kept as an option in some varient), and cards are ranked in the usual order from ace (high) down to two (low). Any reasonable number of players can play 3 Card Poker – preferably 4 to 7 players.

The Deal

Before playing a 3 Card Poker game the value of the minimum stake is defined. Everyone places this minimum stakes in the pot - a collection of the stake which will be won by one of the players in the end. The dealer deals the cards one at a time until everyone has three cards. The players then bet on who has the best 3 Card Poker sequence. Each player has the option to look at their 3 Card Poker sequence before betting or to leave their cards face down on the table and play blind.


The basic game strategy is that players are dealt 3 cards and the player with the highest ranking poker hand wins the pot.

Ranking of the cards from high to low is:

1) Straight Flush : Three consecutive cards of the same suit, for example 4{ 5{ 6{. Ace is conted as high to make the highest type of Straight Flush, for example A} K} Q}.

2) Three of a Kind : Three cards of same rank for example 7[ 7[ 7[. Ace is counted as high to make the heighest type of Three of a Kind, for example A] A] A].

3) Straight : Three cards of consecuive ranks, not all of same suit, for example 7[ 8} 9{. Ace is counted as high to make a heighest type of straight, for example A} K{ Q].

4) Flush : Three cards of same suit (not all consecutive), for example K{ 3{ 10{. Ace is counted as high to make the heighest type of Flush, for example A] K] Q] of same suit.

5) Pair : Two card of same rank, for example 10{ 10{ 4]. Ace is counted as high to beat the similar type of pair, for example here 10{ 10{ A} beats 10{ 10[ 4].

6) High Card: Three cards of different rank not all consecitive and not all the same suit, for example 8} 3[ 6]. Ace is counted as high to beat the similar type of high card, for example A] 3{ 6} beats 8} 3[ 6].

Game Play

Each player contributes the boot money and gets three cards facedown. Now it is the turn of the player next to the dealer in clockwise direction. The player has option to place a bet without seeing the cards (blind) or see the card. When the player sees his card, he/she can play bet or may have other options depending upon the progress of the game. A player who places a blind bet is referred to as the blind player. A player who places his bet after seeing the cards is referred to as the seen player.the players who have already seen their cards must bet twice as much as blind players to stay in the game. At the start of the betting, the current stake is equal to the value of the boot amount.

If you are playing blind, you can look at your cards at any point in the game. You then become a seen player and from that turn onwards, the betting rules changes as explained above.
The players must keep betting until one of the following things happens: The 3 Card Poker rules for a show are as follows: Level and Leagues

The more game you win the quicker you can unlock the bets, level up and enter the heigher leagues like 'Pro League' and 'Champions League'.

Good Luck!


Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions directly to 3 Card Poker development team @ support@net4uonline.com